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What you can expect from us.

At AccelerateGaming Ark server hosting is what we do best. This is the game we have hosted the longest and we have done everything to improve quality of life for our customers.

You will find that AccelerateGaming's control panel will let you keep it as simple as you like or advanced as you want it to be. We packed it full of features to make things like rolling your server back or installing mods as easy as clicking a button. Need a server roll back? That's also just a click away. Along side all of those features we have our mighty support team to help you with anything you may encounter or need to learn. Our support team has so much experience that some have even said they are down right heroic!

We also use quality enterprise grade hardware that will keep your server running at top performance. Ark server rental services with other companys have been known over fill their servers and leave you with poor performance due to them maxing out cpu usage, ram or harddrive. We take careful measures to mark sure our Ark server rentals have plenty of resources available at all times and that our hosting servers are never over used.

Prices compared to competition

  • AccelGaming
    0.39 Per Slot
  • Vilayer
    0.87 Per Slot
  • Nitrous
    0.93 Per Slot
  • Fragnet
    0.95 Per Slot
  • LowMS
    0.81 Per Slot

Ark Survival Evolved Hosting Main Features

Instant Server Setup

With our automatic server setup, as soon as you place the order our system automatically sets up your server. So what are you waiting for? Get your server today, Instantly!

Support all DLC and Mods

Seen a custom setup you like on youtube? We can help! We don't limit any mods or DLC. You can set customize your Ark Server any way you want.

Easy Ark Map Swapping

We know that you might get bored of whatever map you orginally start with. So we made it easy to change from The Island, The Center, Ragnarok, Abberation, Scorched Earth and custom maps. All while never losing your previous save files for the other maps.

Heroic Support

We are very experienced in Ark Server Hosting and can offer advice on setups or help with any issues you may encounter.

Ark Server Cluster Hosting

Not only do we support Ark server clustering. We offer a discount to help you afford clustering, so you can customize to your hearts content.

Easy Mod Installation

We support Arks built in Mod Installer and have made it easy for you to get whatever mod you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

We only host on the very best enterprise grade hardware with i7's and xeon processors!

Yes our panel allows you to switch ark maps with ease. We even have it setup so you can use customer maps if you would like.

Its pretty instant! As soon as you create your account you will be emailed a password for our control panel and you'll be able to login to your server. It may still say processing but this usually doesn't take longer than 5 minutes.

No worries! You will have the best support team at your disposal. If you are just starting and need to learn anything about ark server hosting we are here to help!

Nope! We don't lock you to any resource limit and if you happen to have a really popular server we will do whatever we can to make sure its running beautifully.


More Information on Ark Survival Evolved

Ark survival evolved has been out for over 3 years now and has had huge support from the community. It allows both first and thrid person point of view and like GTA it's an open world experience. It's genre is considered a open world survival but it has a lot of unique elements. Ark Survival Evolved has a prehistoric background where you can tame Dinosaurs and build huge bases and is arguably one of the most modded games up there with the likes of minecraft.

When it first started out the game wasn't very fine tuned and required really strong systems to run it. Over the three years they have worked out the kinks and it runs much more smoothly with amazing graphics. It currenly has five maps, The Island, The Center, Ragnarok, Abberation and Scorched Earth. You can also procedurally generate a map for all new terrain and content. With continuous support and updates it seems that it will be around for quite a while.