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Why Choose Us?

Our main goal is to provide you with the most up to date and user friendly system available. We recognize that other hosts focus heavily on how good their support is but to us that just means stuff breaks and they don't give you good enough options to fix it. So our expert engineers have built software and scripts for attempting automatic repairs, updates, script corruption detection, offsite backups with one click restore points and many other helpful tools. The less time you spend on waiting for someone to fix a problem the more time you spend gaming!

Top Tier Infrastructure

Automated Repairs

No need to wait on us. We have an experienced engineering team that has built automated scripts to help you diagnose and fix the problem yourself!

Multiple Server Locations

We have servers in different locations in order for you to have the best options available. The closer a server is to you the faster your ping!

Detailed Knowledge Base

We have a created a detailed knowledge base to help you with any issues you may run into.

Custom Features - More Control

We only host on the very best enterprise grade hardware with i7's and xeon processors!

Mods corrupt your save files? Accidentally delete an important save state? No worries, you can roll back to a previous state thats hosted on the cloud.

Custom built addtions to TCAdmin to give you the option to install a mod directly from our panel.

Don't have time to load up the game to kick someone, save the server, or destroy all wild dinos. No problem, you can run the command directly in your panel.

Kick a hacker and now they are trying to DDOS you? We have advanced DDOS protection to help prevent your server from being knocked offline.